ToyotaRacing Design Contest (2010) – Kaitlinswish Helmet pictures

October 11, 2010 – We finally got the Helmet in the mail for being a finalist in the Sponsafier Contest.

Dylan Campbell with Saatchi & Saatchi LA is the one that straightened out the issue of us receiving the wrong helmet last week. We ended up with the Media Target car’s helmet instead of the Kaitlinswish Car helmet. He corrected the issue and the helmets have been sent to the correct owners. We received ours yesterday (Monday). It is beautiful.

We are still curious as to what the plaque beside the car says but at this point it seems no one can tell us. We are hoping that Sponsafier steps up and brings the first Sponsafier cars to the Phoenix race where they will debut the 2nd Sponsafier winners. It would be wonderful to be able to see the Kaitlinswish Car in person but it is probably something that will not happen.



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