ToyotaRacing Design Contest (2010)

ToyotaRacing Design Contest (2010) – We have designed a car (Kaitlinswish) in honor of all angel babies and in hope of being informative enough to save future unborn babies.

Currently we are locked into the top 10 and have won a helmet that will match the black car’s design.

Round 2 has begun for voting and no one is sure what car is in the lead. ToyotaRacing made round 2 blind voting and the cars show in random order.

 Thank you to those that have taken the time out of your busy lives to vote for our cars.. and that continue to vote for our black car.

Update: Round 2 has ended, Round 3 began April 16th. Round 3 is all in the hands of the judges. May the little angels watch over them… and guide them to choose the right car. 

May 14th, 2010 Update: Status of contest will be known on May 22, 2010, day of All-Star race. 

Will keep all updated as we continue on this adventure.

Red car and Black car… for the final 10, the black car was in…..


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